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Sep. 30th, 2011

wency, side

The Radiance - LINKIN PARK (remix by zwieR.Z.)

I just saw this a while ago in youtube and I was really amazed by the entire thing of ZwieR.Z.
Let us all watch his work, it is so dramatic in audio at the same time on it's video, when I start watching, it caught me until it's over.
If I'm not mistaken when I read all the comments in the video, there you cannot see any negative comments from other users, I think they are almost or all are saying that it's dramatic or something like that...enjoy!

[And for my additions, just want to say that the piano in the first part (the 4-piano chords refraining), they are from "Burning In The Skies".]

Sep. 23rd, 2011

wency, side

Ends Imperfectly...

This week ends not good for me because several minor bad things happens to me, like one of my friends did something that isn't funny to me, my classmate as well, and the hardest is the preparation for the Teacher's Day.

One of my troopmate remove my bag in the seat I found when they exactly arrived just for his crush to seat well with him, I found that right seat because it is raining hard and the room is not the classroom you are thinking of, it has no wall, it only have concrete flooring and the roofings, it  makes us wet inside because of the stupid rain, and it is located inside the agricultural garden.

My classmate which is a girl let our teacher borrow my ballpen without my permission, it is only my ballpen, it is retractable and always located in my t-shirt, in order for me to easily get it if I need, and for my classmates too, they actually get it always wile I'm wearing it when they need it, and it is okay to me, I'm not hard to please if they want to borrow my things but I only wish is to return them to me w/out problems as how they borrowed it to me, and until this morning, I asked her if she already have the ballpen, she answer no, so I will now make my things secured and will not let others to borrow them to me!

And the worst, is the preparation for the teacher's day, I'm an officer to our class, rank it the lowest of all the officers.
I was assigned for the messaging by our president, which I do not want, so I gave another way for the messaging which is greater, but it is way too expensive for us, so I don't know if how it will be shown.
Other than being assigned for the messaging to our teachers, I volunteered 100% in the Dance performance of our classmates, the choreographer there is also assigned for it because she is also an officer.
As I said before, the song I did for them was rejected...

So next week I will tell our president that I will no longer participate to the teacher's day preparation, in the reason whenever I help, ALL ARE JUST FAILURES WHICH ARE ATTACHED TO MY NAME....

After those things I still need to controll myself.
Maybe sometimes we just need to admit that even our talent has random flaws and those flaws seems existed in one time.

wency, side

REJECTED work of mine...

4 days of making this shit, after downloading using a low-working internet connection, listening to the most enemy of myself, the MOTHER FUCKING RNB Music along with the K-Pop Music, working even until aroung 1:30 AM of the next day, going to the nearest mall to buy 2 blank disc, and pleasing my friend for the music to get burn...
All of that things that I gave just to help my classmate to their upcoming dance performance w/out waiting for any return, WAS REJECTED!

My classmate who will choreograph the dance is the one who talked to me to do their music, I am really willing to take part because I wanna help them for them not to use money for the making of the music because I know that it is too expensive, and trying to communicate the choreographer while doing it in order for her to render her wished music (with some addional changes from me), and even the burning of the cd which will be use in the performance as well as for their practice, it is also a big saving because it cost 60 pesos.

I all did that for them but they didn't liked it, so what do you think I can do?

The choreographer talked seriously to me 2 days ago, at first she can't say it properly but in her actions it is kinda obvious, even the night before that day through text conversation I noticed that in the way she spoke, I felt like nervous she asked me if I still have the list and the setup of the songs she is wishing for, she also stated some of the things she noticed.
Until before I go to home, She asked me if it is really okay that they will just asked for other DJ to make the music for them, I answered yes with some effects of fake crying for them to just laugh, but it is really 100% true that it is okay for me if what their decision is...
Even while we're talking about whether they will ask other DJ or still me, I'm still worrying because if they will change it, the span of their days of prepairing will be shorten.
I let them turn to other DJ even they asked me if I still want to edit it, because they gave me that option with something I don't want to, the choreographer said she will join me doing the work in my house, but with many reasons made me answered her that I don't want.

Sep. 19th, 2011

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MPC Rocking!

This is the first video of MPC playing I watched (other than Mike Shinoda's showing one of his bulk of MPC).
This guy named EGADZ (http://www.djegadz.com/) entertain with this 2:50 minutes video.

I want to have even only one MPC, because it will help in making amazing beats.

Check this out, this is the latest AKAI MPC 5000.

This will make me you cool...haha!

                                                                                                                 ▬ wencycunanan@yahoo.com

Aug. 29th, 2011

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(no subject)

A week ago, the PSP 3000 of my eldest brother which I own now (even I don't want) because the one he given to me, the PSPgo, is now own by his wife and no longer mine anymore, has the ability now to have games for us to enjoy, I told the saleslady to put eight games that I choosed from their game list but two of those cannot be installed to the memory stick because the memory stick holds only less than 8 GB, so I left with six installed games and one to my flash drive.

The game that is the best to almost everyone these times is the "God Of War Series", and the latest now is for PSP which is entitled "God Of War: Ghost Os Sparta", my bro is a fan of the series so I let him play first before me that night, he played it within 5-6 hours.

The games explores the dark pass of the main protagonist Kratos, even he is the God Of War now after killing Ares in the first installment, his mortal pass still haunt him.
He remerbers his brother Deimos when they were young but Ares and Athena arrived and caught Deimos easily because Kratos doesn't have the strength to fight them, and before leaving, Athena told the young Kratos while lying on the floor to forgive her.

In the game, it was revealed that:
  • Deimos is still alive but is severely tortured by the god of death, Thanatos himself.
  • Athena told the young Kratos to forgive her in the reason she knows everything in the future, she told the other gods that the end of Olympus is in the hands of Deimos, which is actually Kratos.
    The gods believed Athena because of the strange markings all over the body of Deimos.
  • The gods gave Deimos to Thanatos to torture him.
  • And the biggest revelation which makes fans of the game series have a question, in the end of the game Kratos entering a door but shortly stopped telling Athena that it is not yet finished, the gods will pay for everything happends to him, then entered the door leaving Athen behind, then Athena saying "Forgive me, my brother".
In the first installement, Zeus is the brother of Athena, and Kratos is revealed as a demigod, a son of Zeus, and now Athena said that Kratos is her brother, how come?

Well, we need to wait until a new installment will come, maybe our question will be answered.
By the way, "Tron: Evolution" was finished by my brother, it is cool and exciting to play but it has only 3 stages to beat, but each stage has many different battle to take before advancing to the next stage, but because I am also playing, of course  I finished "Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory" yesterday in green mode now while waiting to download another FPS games or other exciting games, I am playing the hardened mode of it.
Next I will download "Medal Of Honor or Call Of Duty Games".

Take a look at this one, a actually got this from the game, it has 5 wallpapers but the only available to copy is the number 4, I think I need to play the game in the nicest way or finish all the difficulty levels.

Jul. 23rd, 2011

wency, side

MusiXounD Proj. No. 3: "Nd.LP"


Here's the fourth  installment for the music sharing portion here in my page and the second one as a ringtone released.
If you already listened to the soundtrack of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen which is the "New Divide" by LINKIN PARK, this is familiar to you, it's the cool mechanical-themed breakdown there just after the 2nd chorus of the song...

About the cover, I just downloaded 2 pictures, the planet Cybertron and the face of The Fallen which is used as one of the poster of the film.
At first I only want a 3d-made background which is more on metals because I think it is fit to the track for there is no-voice, then I added the face of The Fallen so that the track is always remembered as the soundtrack of the film installment.


Jul. 21st, 2011

wency, side

MusiXounD Proj. No. 3: "ES.LP"


It's been a long time when my 2nd installment of my music portion here was been published, but I was shocked when an email invades my inbox entitled directly as "Copyright Infridgement", I don't know if I will laugh or ask myself if what I have done, when I read it the first track that I uploaded is a violation in terms of use of the site so they decided to delete it, now I made a "Sub-Portion" for the MusiXounD Projects, I already made 2 tracks which are good to be ringtones for your mobile phones out there.
This one is entitled "ES.LP" which simply stands for "Empty Spaces - Linkin Park", but it also features Mike Shinoda shouting "You Fucking Ready?!" in a live performance of "Wretches And Kings".

Next time (I think it's possible TOMORROW) I will post the second one, also a ringtone.
And if you want this one, you can download it in here.


Jul. 2nd, 2011

wency, side

Transformers 3 : DOTM is GREAT!


Finally I already watched the final installment of the one of my most favorite film series, though felt some frustration for being late from the first day of the film's showing..I'm still happy,amazed, and even proud.
It took me around 3 hours of waiting just to watch it when it begin, while waiting I noticed the continues arriving of the other fans, there are kids who are with their guardian and most are couples.
Until I got inside but still waited for I think atleast 40-50 minutes as the schedule is written.
Then the wait is over, it started and the others are exited to what will happened...

They first show if what really happened why Cybertron vanished and also the secrets of the Apollo 11, it was revealed that because of the eagerness of Megatron to power a great war destroyed their planet but a sole ship piloted by that time before Optimus Prime commander of the Autobots Sentinel Prime tried to flee from the war but didn't make it, the ship's hardly devastated at it's fall to the moon instead.
Until the Autobots knew the real happenings in the Apollo 11 mission and flies to the moon to get the Sentinel Prime and the remaining 5 Pillars, the powerful things that can transport them wherever and whenever they want, but can also restore their planet from ruins.
Mind-blowing things continues in happenings as Sentinel betrayed Autobots and the humans revealing that he already made a deal with Decepticons to rebuild their real home, and executing Ironhide by shooting him at the back with bullet with melting effects.
Megatron were shown with new vehicle mode, and is seen covering his head with hood because of the serious damage he had from the last battle in Egypt but fortunately Optimus focused to The Fallen, that gave Megatron to flee.

The movie ends with the face off of the remaining Primes once and for all, Optimus lost his right arm by Sentinel and is ready to die, but Megatron interferes them by attacking Sentinel from the back, making the coverings of the head of Sentinel loosed, and that gave Optimus the opportunity to grab his sword and ripped Megatron's head, and the hopeless Sentinel Prime said "All I just wanted is to bring our planet back" with his palms & niece on the floor , and Optimus replied "You didn't betrayed me, you did betrayed yourself", and shot him with his giant gun.

As usual, Optimus delivered his epic ending speech bust after the great battle, but of course I can't remember it, except the only first 5 words "In every war there is...".
Carly and Sam reunited again with a hug and passionate kiss, Bumblebee get something to his chest and some small circular parts fell with the playing of his radio, the wedding theme music plays.

Actually, this one has the greatest effects and music I ever watched even over the past 2 installments, I'm proud I am both fan of the film series and LINKIN PARK.
Iridescent parts plays 7 times with 4 times of the intro-first chorus piano parts, 1 with the first verse, 1 with the first or 2nd chours, and lastly the gang vocals to the final chorus, I count all of it throughout the film, so GREAT!

TRANSFORMERS - "What I've Done"
TRANSFORMERS 2: Revenge Of The Fallen - "New Divide"
TRANSFORMERS 2: Dark Of The Moon - "Iridescent"

I believe there will be another installment even though Michael Bay claimed that it's the last one, in the future there will be, so for now, JUST LET IT GO!

(My ticket from the film but because I don't own any number that time, I just take it home, haha!)

                                                                                      ▬ wencycunanan@yahoo.com

May. 28th, 2011

wency, side

B.T.H.O.T."S" HOBBY #4

The fourth part of the portion, a poster-like I did for this year's summer season.
Hope you like it!


May. 23rd, 2011

wency, side

B.T.H.O.T."S." HOBBY # 3

Few days to go before the opening of the new chapter of our school life, so I decided to make faster art pieces though I don't have my own computer, here is the 3rd one...

I did that just while watching and is the 2nd or 1st part for this portion actually.
There I put some or most about music where I belong or are related to my music life.
But also the other ones ARE NOT, 'cause I add my sections in my high school life in the lower-left part and the posible section I may be, but it's wrong HAHA! I'm belong now to section GALILEI!

Ok, that's the 2nd to the last piece I made, just say what you want about this.

- wencycunanan@yahoo.com

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